Playlist: WNCW 01/21/15

Given the disjointed nature of my previous (and first) WNCW playlist, I consider this my first true playlist. For one, this time I was at the board for two hours, which allowed me to dig more deeply into the stacks of WNCW’s overnight music – what they call ARC (Alternative Radio Coalition). Toward the end of my second hour, ARC’s philosophy of “the familiar, the unfamiliar, and the unusual” was entering my consciousness. As I spend more time at the board, I need to remember: that philosophy isn’t just for the listeners but for me as well. So while I was familiar with Lambchop, The Modern Lovers’ “Roadrunner” and “What if we Give it Away” (which on air I mistakenly attributed to Fables of the Reconstruction – as one who worshipped at the feet of R.E.M. through his teens and early twenties, I should hang my head in shame), Monogold and Celestial Shore were unfamiliar to me. As for unusual? In today’s musical world, can anything be thought of as unusual?

As I look back at the list I realize that it’s laden with songs about sex, which I suppose isn’t all that much of a shocker: isn’t half of all music about sex (while the other half is about death)? But song choices like “Damaged Goods” and “Not Enough Violence” surely would be shrink fodder. (Hey, Doc, I played some songs about eloping, too.)

Of course, anchoring the entire two hours is Viet Cong’s 11 minute opus “Death” (analyze that choice!). While Sleater-Kinney might be garnering all the press for their release, Viet Cong’s is quietly (yes, I’m being ironic there) getting the raves it deserves.

So, what about you? Anything on this playlist unusual? Unfamiliar? Anything worth getting familiar with (oops, there goes sex rearing its head again!)?


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