Playlist: WNCW-FM 01/09/15

As my first radio show in 20+ years, I can’t complain too much about my catalog choices here, though toward the end of the hour the music got a little away from me: after The Flight of the Conchords’ “Foux du Fafa” (which I somewhat frivolously – though I was trying to be genuine – “dedicated” to the people of France after the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo) I guess I was looking for some more French-y comedy, and all I could come up with was some De La Soul – you know, ’cause “de la” is French.

Or Spanish.

[Spotify for some reason only has De La’s 2004 release on its service, a tragedy of earth-shaking proportions. But I suppose that’s more De La’s doing that Spotify’s. Anyway, here’s the song I chose, further proof that the set had gotten away from me.


The middle part of the hour, a 5-song set of summery-feeling songs, had the most variety of any set: the alt-speed of Parquet Courts alongside folksy Beth Orton, outright tropical songs by Beck and Yo La Tengo (I know that’s Spanish), and the surprisingly jazzy Pink Floyd – easily the finest thing they ever did. In fact, I could just put these five songs on repeat and be happy for a couple hours – I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of the organ on “Call Me the Breeze” or the piano solo on “San Tropez.”

Of course, hearing the playlist on Spotify prevents you from hearing the transitions between the songs from the mixing board (and hearing my breaks to say the setlist), but, really, it being my first time at the board in two decades, the fades weren’t very well executed, and you’re spared on Spotify from playing the “Um” drinking game – I lost count of my “ums” somewhere in the teens.

Most importantly for this first show, my first since my college days, was the first song. “Too Much Pork for Just One Fork” was the name of the show my roommates and I had on WNUR-FM in Evanston, IL, at (I think) 4am on Wednesdays. Ours, the final “Freeform” show before Seth (he of the quiet public-radio voice) came in for the prototypical early-morning Jazz show, was a mix of some actual quality tunes and crass jokes spoken over bizarre childhood records like this, or strange public service announcements like this. Through the course of the show’s run, though, I don’t think we ever played the song “Too Much Pork for Just One Fork,” so here it is, going out (at whatever time WNCW put my show on) to those founding TMPFJOF members, spread across the country and probably blissful of not having to relive those late-nights. And, yes, fellas, I still have all the tapes of those shows.


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